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Los Picos




Los Picos

Type: Castillo/Colombia

Process: Sun dried

Region: Minca, Magdalena

Grown: 1700-1800 Metres above sea level

Who grows it?: Emiliano Villafina

Tasting notes: Molases - Cacao - Citrus

Scored at: 84.5 points


The Sierra Nevada is the largest mountain in Colombia and is the highest mountain formation in the world. Emiliano Villafana belongs to the indigenous minca community near the snow-covered path in the Nevada Sierra de Santamarta. Organic or special coffee allows them to have a stable economy and their demand continues to increase. As for the land where it is grown, there can be lands with inclinations higher than 50 degrees, the crop is in the highest part of the area, they named the farm after the mountain peaks.