About Us

Where did it all start?
Well, after first travelling to Colombia in 2011 for four months and already a coffee lover, I decided that I needed to try and bring back a small slice of what I enjoyed there. Around Colombia (and many Latin American countries) you find small shops that look as if they have been there forever. With different colours and materials often used to make and maintain the shops, they all have individual character.
So.... How could this be copied here in the simplest way? It all started with brainstorming over a coffee.. I decided the best way to try and recreate what I saw would be to convert a van into coffee shop!
The photo below is what I started with.. miles from where it needed to be.


But.. After a few weeks I had managed to make it look more like what I had in mind

After a few more tweaks I had created the first El Cafecito van


The aim 
It's simple - To deliver the same amazing cover to people across the UK just as fresh as we serve it whilst increasing awareness of the beauty of the countries that they originate from.


Corporate Events

Larger corporate events and staff well-being days can also be covered with a fully equipped espresso bar.