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Aeropress Coffee Maker


Brews smooth, perfect coffee every time Lightweight and portable, making it perfect for camping and holidays Micro-Filtered for grit free coffee Actual 'press time' is just 20 seconds Simple and quick to clean; there's no washing-up of fiddly parts No electricity required

Coffee Cup


Coffee Cup

Coffee Subscription


100% Colombian single origin arabica coffee from Bucaramanga.  Delicious and smooth with a slight sweetness. Well balanced medium roast.

Decaf Misak


The Misak or Guambianos are an indigenous community based in the Cauca region of Colombia. Their culture is strongly connected with mother nature and traditional practices. The land is owned by the community and the coffee is hand picked by the entire group as a social commitment to one another. The coffee is processed at the local washing station and...

El Clasico


Espresso is undeniably an Italian coffee brewing process developed for decades. Still at El Cafecito Roasting we are great believers that coffee as a raw material is an evolving product that keeps changing year after year with better post harvest processes, better roasting techniques and better brewing. El Clasico is our carefully crafted espresso blend made of fantastic Arabica beans...

El Colibri


Finca El Colibri is a few miles from the small village of Totoro in the Southern Estate of Cauca. Volcanic Soils and glacier water is the norm in this part of the world. This beautiful land almost touches the borders of National Park of Purace. Don Emiro Carrillo first acquired the 10-hectare plot of land back in the late 1980’s....



For some indigenous tribes “Frailejones” is the source of life, the plant that feeds all the ecosystem below the ground. This coffee is grown on the high mountains of the border between Huila and Tolima South of Planadas and just before Gaitania. Overlooking Parque Natural Nevado del Huila. The community is made up of 25 growers that have joined forces...

Los Picos


The Sierra Nevada de Santamarta comprises a long stretch of mountainous land close to 17,000 km2, shares the departments of Magdalena, Guajira and Cesar. Its height can reach is 5775 meters. Most of its hydrography is born in the snowy peaks down its sides. The Sierra Nevada is the largest mountain in Colombia and is the highest mountain formation in...

Pour over infusion kettle


4 cup pour over kettle with removable tea infuser.  Great for making your morning Cafecito!    100% Polished stainless steel